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This Course Will Help You:

  • Learn the fundamentals and philosophy of wall wrestling

  • Understand how to neutralize your opponent, avoid taking damage, and dictate where the fight takes place

  • Apply strategies to bait and frustrate your competition, leaving them unable to guess your next move

  • Practice the exact drills used by James and his students to make these techniques second nature

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  • BONUS Mindset Video "Mastering Adversity"

Course Content

  • 1


    • A Message from James Krause

    • Resources For You

    • A Few Questions...

  • 2

    Holding the Position

    • Introduction to Holding the Position

    • Hip / Foot / Shoulder Pressure

    • Underhooks

  • 3

    Attacking the Legs

  • 4

    Attacking the Body

    • Introduction to Attacking the Body

    • Body Lock

    • Body Lock Trip aka DC 1

    • DC 2

    • Hip Bump Trip

    • Body Lock Lift

    • Body Lock Lift With Whizzer

    • Transition to Body #1

    • Transition to Body #2

    • Transition to Back

  • 5

    Attacking the Back

    • Introduction to Attacking the Back

    • Lean Lift Pull Trip

    • Switch Lift

    • Transition to Body and Legs

  • 6


  • 7


    • Double Leg Trip Concepts

    • Squaring the Double, Step Behind Lift

    • Double to Body Lock Trip

    • Crashing the Hips

    • Lift Efficiency and Concepts

    • Body Lock Hip Bump

    • Body Lock Far-Side Trip

    • Far-Side Foot Sweep

    • Recycling the Back

    • Knee Pick

    • Twister

    • Twister Detail: Weight Distribution

    • Slide By Back Take

    • Knee Pick, Twister, Slide By Series

    • Back-Take Reactions

    • LLPT

    • Body Lock Trip Variation

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • A Thank You From James Krause

    • Before You Go...

    • Feedback

  • 9

    Bonus Material

    • Coach's Wisdom - Mastering Adversity


Megan Anderson

UFC Featherweight

“I don’t want a coach that is just going to tell me something, but they’ve never done it themselves, they don’t know if it works in real life. That’s one thing that drew me to James, that real life application. If he’s telling me to do something, he’s done it himself, and he’s practiced it a million times before.”

Grant Dawson

3-0 UFC Featherweight

“James Krause has one of the highest fight IQs I’ve ever seen. Everything that he has or would ask me to do, I know 100% that he has done it before and would do it again. Amateur or pro, if you put the work in, he puts the work into you. I truly think he’s one of the best MMA coaches around - if not the best.”

Chael Sonnen

UFC Legend, ESPN Analyst

“James Krause is literally one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen. But he’s going to succeed so much in coaching that that’s what he’s going to be most known for. James Krause is not only a coach, he’s a great coach, he corners some of the best athletes, he does some of the best coaching in the sport while being an active competitor. Most guys who can do can not teach. He has no weakness.”

Joe Rogan

UFC Color Commentator and Podcast Host

“Did you see James Krause caught King Mo in a standing guillotine? Krause is really underrated man, I like him a lot, very very smart guy.”

Dana White

UFC President

“Such a stud. I have so much respect for the fact that he came here to corner, and he took this fight a weight class up, didn’t train [on Krause fighting at UFC 247 on 18 hours notice]. I’mma write him a nice check. And he won Fight of the Night.”

Max Holloway

UFC Featherweight and Former Champion

“Krause is a beast!”

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